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Environmental protection

Polystar and Business Partners recognizes environmental protection as one of it’s guiding principles and a key component of sound business performance to provide a quality packaging product in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimizes potential impact on the environment.

We intend to provide our employees with the necessary tools to enable their full involvement.

To this end:

  • Use resources as efficiently as possible.
  • We operate in compliance with all relevant federal, provincial/state and municipal environmental regulations.

  • Reducing at the source all waste and pollutants of all types, at each stage of our operations thereby reducing any environmental impacts.
  • We encourage, train and educate our employees to be aware of the importance of minimizing the negative impacts on the environment.
  • We avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutes whenever possible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored and recycled.
  • We strive to continually improve our environmental performance by a periodic evaluation, and comparing with our objectives.

  • We educate our suppliers and sub-contractors about our environmental policy.

Polystar and Business Partners is committed to understanding and minimizing any undesirable environmental impacts from our manufacturing activities.


We live in exciting times … everyday it seems that a new headline is warning us about plastic in the ocean, micro plastic in the air, legislation or condemning a new item or bag.

The passionate interest by consumers is worldwide and we should use this positive momentum to develop and introduce eco friendly packaging solutions

Our approach to improve packaging is focused on 3 elements:

less plastic
  • Reduce the overall weight and the amount of plastic used
  • Use stronger polymers and better designed plastics
better plastic
  • Using single layer plastics which can be easily recycled or reused
  • Ensuring that plastics are identified , collected and reused
no plastic
  • Consumers are demanding to eliminate plastic
  • Switching to compostable /Biodegradable alternatives
  • Ensuring that the alternative is better than we are moving from

Sustainable packaging

  • Food producers use mostly plastic for packaging applications.
  • Plastic packaging represents almost 40% of the worldwide plastics market.
  • Plastics production has grown globally and continues to grow.
  • The crucial problem of using plastics for packaging is the post-consumer waste.
  • Some materials are difficult to recycle, and it is estimated that less than 14% of plastic packaging materials are recyclable.
  • The solution may rely on the use of biopolymers in packaging.

The concept:

Upgrade conventional bio-based films in their barrier properties.
Coatings can be applied onto any film to improve the properties.

The result:

Bio based materials with barrier properties comparable to those of conventional barrier films.

The big question many societies deal with is what type of strategy should we use?

We would like to offer two options to choose from as well as, a solution:

Recyclable VS Compostable

  • When it comes to packaging solutions there is no “one size fits all ” or “Silver Bullet solution”.
  • Due to different waste collection, sorting & processing capabilities it is impossible for any one type of packaging to be universally sustainable.
  • Some solutions are better than others and they can make a huge difference for our environment.
  • We at Polystar develop, manufacture & sell most sustainable flexible packaging available in the market.

Miba Seal is a paper‐based packaging solution to replace heat sealing laminates


  • Replacing plastic is a major target of many institutions worldwide ‐ if we can replace a small portion, it can have a meaningful impact.
  • Using paper ‐ pulp is the most abundant polymer on earth.
  • No need to change equipment ‐ use current high‐speed lines with new innovative paper‐based packaging solutions.
  • Focus on Pure paper and pulp‐based packaging which can be recycled like any other regular paper.
  • Low , medium and high barrier solutions without synthetics … all pulp‐based technology.
  • Coatings , lamination and new ways to apply are the future of the flexible packaging industry.
  • Flow wrap , thermoforming & press forming to replace boxes and other rigid packaging.
  • We offer Packaging for ambient, cold and frozen products.
  • Mono materials easily recycled worldwide.
  • FSC® – all our papers are certified as FSC® ( Forest Stewardship Council) transparent / semi transparent and opaque solutions.