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Supplying roll stock is just as complex as supplying pre-made bags; however, there are a few variables that are necessary to address. Once film type, structure and design have been selected, we need to establish the specific roll configuration that best suits your equipment. We also need to consider the un-wind of the film, to ensure that the product will be packaged efficiently. Once these criteria have been established, we will be able to input the correct product configurations and to correctly print the pertinent information such as “best before date”, product code or any other necessary details. We ensure that each roll is packed with a clear Polyethylene film to protect it during transportation.

Raw materials used to make bags :

Clear, white or colored Polyethylene films
Clear or white Cast Polypropylene films
Clear or white Bi-Oriented PolyPropylene film (BOPP)
Laminated structures such as :
   - Polyethylene / ink / Polyethylene
   - Polyester / ink / Polyethylene
   - Nylon / ink / Polyethylene
   - We can also add a third ply to any of the various structures listed above. Third ply structures could consist of metalized BOPP, metalized Polyester, clear high barrier film, etc.


Core sizes of 3 and 6 inches ID are used; however, other options are available.
Roll outside diameters run from 9 to 22.5 inches.
Air slits can be applied to some roll stock to enable excess air to exit the bag.
Innolock Seal can be added.
Economical re-closeable features are available.

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